What happens when I arrive at Colony Cafe?
We offer coffee, cocktails, food and visits to our Cat Loft, which can be enjoyed separately -- or all together! When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a friendly Colony staffer who will ask what they can do for you. Let us know if you have a reservation for the Cat Loft. We’ll get your name, check you in and direct you to the Cat Loft entrance.

What if I just want food or something to drink -- without the cats?
Our first-floor cafe is completely separate from the upstairs loft where the cats are. You're welcome to come in, get a hand-crafted drink and scratch-made treat, or relax with some wine and bistro fare -- no reservations necessary.

We have free WiFi and you’ll get a great view of Penn Ave (or you might catch a glimpse of our adoptable cats through the big Cat Loft windows!).

Why do I have to pay to enter the Cat Loft?
Colony is home to 10-12 cats, who live here 24/7 until they get adopted. The $8 fee helps cover rent, utilities, insurance, staff salary, food, litter, and cleaning supplies for the Cat Loft.

Wait, I need a reservation to see the cats?!
While reservations aren’t required, we do limit the number of people in the Cat Loft to 10 at any time. We do this so we don’t overwhelm the cats, and so every guest can get some kitty time. We recommend making a reservation so you won’t be disappointed when you arrive. Our cats our popular! You can book online here.

Saturdays are our busiest, and sometimes Cat Loft visits fill up weeks in advance. Book early to guarantee your spot! If you walk in any day and we’re not at capacity, you’re welcome to join the fun in the Cat Loft.

Do you have vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free food options?
Yes – please take a look at our current menu. Let us know if you have any dietary allergies or requirements and we’re happy to do our best to accommodate you. We welcome suggestions and requests, so let us know what you’d like us to offer in the future. Write us at info@colonycafepgh.com.

My child is under 8 years old. Why can’t I bring him/her to the Cat Loft?
We take the safety and comfort of both cats and guests very seriously. While many kids are great with animals, appropriate behavior is not always instinctual in younger children – and cats are unpredictable. Except during kid-specific events, our minimum age requirement for the Cat Loft is 8.

There's only one hour-long spot open. Can I split it with 2, 3 or 4 people?
We want to give all our guests a relaxing experience in the Cat Loft and have found it to be disruptive to both people and cats when there's a lot of entering and exiting the Loft during split visits, so we can no longer accommodate this request. We hope you'll book a time when your entire party can enjoy the Loft at the same time!

Is Colony Cafe accessible?
Yes! Our front door is level with the sidewalk, we have an elevator to reach the second-floor Loft (just ask a staffer; we're happy to escort you) and there are two ADA-compliant, gender neutral restrooms on the first floor.  

Do you sell gift certificates?
You bet! They can be purchased both online and at the cafe.


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