Cat Loft Rules

Colony Cafe is designed to assure the health and happiness of our cats – and the safety and enjoyment of our guests. A Cat Loft Attendant will be on hand to enforce our common sense rules.

We have no tolerance for mistreatment or agitation of our cats, whether it is intentional or not. Rule breakers will be ejected without a refund. 

Guests are welcome to bring food and drinks from the cafe into the Cat Loft, but they must not feed or tempt the cats with it.

Be Gentle

  • No chasing, grabbing or hitting cats
  • Take all the photos you'd like, just keep your flash off
  • We have a selection of cat toys available; do not bring in or use unapproved objects as toys

Be Calm
Cat's don't react well to loud noises or sudden movements. Respect other guests while in the Cat Loft.

  • No running
  • No yelling or loud voices
  • No speakerphone or video calls, or playing any kind of audio from personal devices

Napping cats
Most cats sleep 16-20 hours a day, so you'll likely encounter more than a few sleeping cats during your visit. They generally don’t mind being gently petted while they snooze.

Visiting with children
Colony Cafe welcomes children 8 years or older. All children under 12 must be accompanied in the Cat Loft by a parent or adult guardian. Naturally, guardians are expected to monitor the behavior of the kids in your party.

Visiting in groups/Private Events
Parties larger than six people are required to reserve every spot in the Loft which is considered a Private Event. This allows you to enjoy time with your group without other guests present.

You must digitally agree to our terms and conditions in the online booking process for the Cat Loft. This waiver explains that sometimes cats cause accidents – and that you agree to the Cat Loft Rules and take responsibility for what might happen when you handle cats. The waiver for the adult who books the reservation also covers any children in his or her party. Walk-in guests are required to sign paper waivers which the cafe provides for you.


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