What is Colony Cafe?

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Hello Friends. Thanks for stopping by. Here's where we'll post updates on our location and grand opening, but let's back up a sec. What is Colony Cafe?

It's Pittsburgh's only cat cafe and wine bar! Myself and dear husband Erik, Brooklyn transplants to this fair city, are deep into executing our business plan for opening Colony, which has two main goals: 1) to connect shelter cats with potential forever homes in a relaxed environment and 2) offer an atmosphere that is easy and comfortable for guests to enjoy with third-wave coffee, delicious wines, and local foods.

Oh, you're not familiar with a cat cafe? You're in for a treat.

Take a look at this WSJ video tour of NYC's cat cafes. We've visited all of these (multiple times...market research :-)), plus an amazing one in Paris.

Colony will be inspired by the best of these cafes, but in short, it will embody all the things we love: Wine. Coffee. Cats. Pittsburgh.

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