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Pittsburgh SkylineWe are currently (and have been for weeks) obsessed with finding the right location for Colony Cafe, and visit sites almost daily. We're so excited to open!

Ideally, we'll be in the East End, like Lawrenceville or Garfield. There are a lot of factors that influence (but also somewhat limit) our options, such as: 1) enough space for a comfortable coffee/wine bar and separate cat room, 2) easy-to-get-to location that's walkable to other stores and attractions, and 3) how we'll fit in with the neighborhood. A liquor license is required, so wherever we go, we want to make sure the community groups and neighbors there are amenable to our concept. But really, who wouldn't want wine, coffee and cats?

So many other great cities have worked with small business owners to open cat cafes, like Crumbs & Whiskers in DC & LA, Koneko and Meow Parlour in NYC, and Blue Cat Cafe in Austin. We're inspired by the good work they do and the fun places they've created, and are looking forward to bringing our spin on this unique concept to Pittsburgh ASAP.

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  • Joan Stone

    Please consider other places such as Swissvale (there is a large building available next to the Swissvale Post Office) or Edgewood Towne Center, where Kmart recently vacated. There is a Pet Store there already, which would make a great partnership: adopt a cat, and get the supplies/food you need close by. Thanks for taking this on!

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